You've got to be kitten me! It's not unusual to see cats or dogs that resemble celebrities, but this is a purrfect match. The uncanny resemblance has gone viral on social media. Meet The Rock, also known as Victor, who's currently up for adoption at the Leitchfield Animal Shelter.

Whenever I run across fun posts like this, it makes me smile. Seeing the resemblance between Dwayne The Rock Johnson and Victor is all in good fun. It's all about the purrplexing expression that will hopefully get Victor adopted. Not only is he litter-aly so adorable, but reading his bio, his purrsonality is also quite similar to his namesake. Are you purrpared to give Victor his furever home?

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The team at Leitchfield Animal Shelter shared Victor, and he instantly melted my heart. I needed to learn more about his hisstory. It's a cat-astrophe that he hasn't been adopted yet. He's already climbed an uphill meowtain and deserves to be loved. Doesn't this sound fur-miliar? It's simply a-paw-ling. There are so many animals at shelters that need us. It would be mewsic to my ears if you make Victor part of your family.

This is what the volunteers at the Leitchfield Animal Shelter had to share about this little love bug. LAS is thrilled to have a top-notch Dwayne The Rock Johnson impersonator staying with us. This handsome guy’s real name is Victor, although most of us are just calling him The Rock at this point. Don’t let his face fool you, he is one of the biggest cuddle bugs we’ve seen in months! At approximately 6 years old, he is neutered, UTD, and ready to go home!


If you're interested in Victor or any other pet at the shelter, here's how you can adopt. You can visit the shelter at 213 William Thomason Byway in Leitchfield, Kentucky 42754 between 10 - 3 Monday through Friday. You can apply online at or call them today at 270-230-8839.

Leitchfield Animal Shelter
Leitchfield Animal Shelter


Wednesday, March 15th, and March 29th, 2023!
Drop off in Leitchfield the evening before between 7:00-9:30 pm or the morning between 6:00-6:20 am.
$50 Female Spay | $30 Male Neuter
(Prices may change in the future depending on available donations)

Apply here:

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