As frustrating as it was for an already long ceremony to pause for a seemingly unnecessary musical number, all was immediately forgiven when Pink took to the 2014 Oscars stage to perform a rendition of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" as part of a 'Wizard of Oz' tribute. Sure, that iconic musical fantasy may have nothing to do with anything happening in or around the broadcast, but does anyone really need a reason to celebrate one of the greatest films ever made?

After a embarassing and hokey introduction by Oscar mainstay Whoopi Goldberg (who went for the easy gag by revealing ruby slippers under her awful wardrobe), everything immediately turned around when Pink appeared in an amazing dress in front of sparse but lovely set. Although oddly stationary for a Pink performance, the under-appreciated pop star took a song that everyone and their mother has heard hundreds of times and made it her own, staying close enough to the original rendition to please the purists without bending over backwards to do a Judy Garland impersonation.

This year's Oscar broadcast was filled with weird jokes and moments that went absolutely nowhere, but somehow, Pink of all people managed to show up and class up the joint. And now that awful U2 performance is forgiven.

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