The orders are in, and soon the Girl Scouts will be on the streets, tempting you with the 'Highly addictive' cookies. An Ohio police department is having some fun with cookies season, by issuing a warning, and giving you a place to turn yours in, so you don't eat too many!

We wanted to make our community aware of a highly addictive substance that is about to hit the streets. These items go by a variety of names like “Thin Mints”, “S’mores” and “Lemonades” just to name a few. These items are distributed by strong, smart, fearless young women who will lure you in with their story and get you hooked. We know many people think I will just get one box. But one turns into two and two turns into five and the next thing you know you are hiding “Thin Mints” in the freezer.

We want you to know we are here for you. We have set up a disposal
location for these “cookies” at the police department. Just drop them off 24/7 and we will properly dispose of them for you.

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