Dinner and a show. Around here, that usually means a restaurant and a movie at the Malco. Or a show at the RiverPark Center. Or a concert at...well, you get the idea.

In Nashville, of course, you'd have to be way more specific. Dinner? Where? There's only like a THOUSAND options. A show? Who? What? Which venue? There's only like a THOUSAND options.

Honestly, in DOWNTOWN Nashville, it feels like there ARE a thousand options.

Whenever I've done a road show at the Ryman Auditorium during Christmas (when the Opry moves downtown so the Opry House can do its holiday thing), I always do an eenie meenie minie moe-type pick 'em to decide where I want to have dinner afterward.

Again, the choices.

About seven years ago, give or take, my friend April Hyde--our Grand Ole Opry connection at the time--gathered a couple other Opry folks (can't remember who to save my life, right now) and we walked to a place called Demos' Steak and Spaghetti House.

And since I'm the boring Italian food guy (I'm really good with just spaghetti), I had, well, spaghetti. And it was delicious.

Thing is, I found the items on the menu to be very reasonably priced for a restaurant in downtown Nashville, where, in most places, you might have to take out a loan to get the soup.

And that likely served it well, being right around the corner from the Ryman Auditorium and well within easy walking distance from Broadway, Bridgestone Arena, and so many other tourist hotspots. And, of course, all the hotels.

But, yes, I said "served," as in past tense, as in it's closing doors, after being a go-to in the heart of Music City since 1989.

While it's an unfortunate turn of events for its proprietors and folks who live and work in the city, the other three locations--in Hendersonville, Lebanon, and Murfreesboro--will remain open, according to Nashville Scene.

So while it won't be available to the heavy tourism crowd, you can still find it if you're a fan.

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