Americans are always on the go. Jobs are scarce and careers hang in the balance, so we’re spending more time cDonaldrunning to and from the office. That means we’re also eating more on the run.

Harris Interactive surveyed a pool of fast food eaters and customers and found that Subway once again ranked as the most popular ‘quick service’ restaurant chain in the country. Subway has topped the annual survey for the last eight years. Dairy Queen took the runner-up spot.

Subway’s success shouldn’t be a secret to people trying to watch their waistlines. Mary Bouchard, vice president of consumer goods, retail and restaurant research for the polling company, credited Subway’s long-term success to its healthy marketing campaign that focused its food as a healthy alternative to greasy drive-thru burgers and fries and emphasized “the importance of making better meal choices away from home.”

“These study results show just how strongly Subway’s positioning around fast and healthy meal choices is resonating with customers,” Bouchard said.

Surveys on the most popular pizza and coffee chains netted some surprising results. Papa John’s Pizza unseated Pizza Hut in the number one slot for the first time in eight years among retail pizza brands. Einstein Bagels also topped Dunkin’ Donuts in the ‘coffee and quick service’ brands survey for the first time. Customers of both brands credited quality and purchase consideration as the leading factors for their change of heart.

Most Popular ‘Quick Service’ Restaurants

1. Subway

2. Dairy Queen

3. Wendy’s

4. Five Guys

5. Chick-fil-A

6. McDonald’s

7. Burger King

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