Here in Owensboro-Daviess County, we love our food.  Everyone is excited to find out that Windy Hollow Restaurant is getting a brand-new home.

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Windy Hollow Restaurant has been a staple in our community for many years.  They have been operating since 1968.  Angel here and I remember visiting with my dad when I was younger and when I became a parent we would venture out after church on Sundays.  The home-cooked meals and welcoming atmosphere set it apart from other places.  The breakfast buffet is to die for...REALLY!


It has been in the works for a while but they finally dropped the news today and here's what their Facebook page say;

Since 2018, we have been working on a new restaurant concept. After several setbacks, we finally have a location!
Windy Hollow Biscuit House will be located at 630 Emory Drive, Owensboro KY. This is at Wesleyan Park Plaza at the former Ponderosa and El Toribio.
The restaurant will serve breakfast, brunch, and lunch on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. There will be biscuit sandwiches, waffles, awesome side dishes, great coffee, and more! Stay tuned to the new FB page for menu updates!
Target opening is in March 2022!
Most importantly, the buffet will continue at Windy Hollow Restaurant and Museum at 8260 State Route 81, Owensboro every Sunday from 7 am until 1:30 pm.

This is super exciting because there are several amazing restaurants right there in Wesleyan Park Plaza.  It is so awesome to see more life being brought back to one of our favorite areas of Owensboro.

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