PorchFest OBKY 2021 is back and is set for Saturday, June 12th.  The community will finally get to enjoy some long-awaited music and we have the official lineup.

Porchfest will feature eleven different stages with over 20 different performers/performances.  Picture a music fest in the center of town on Griffith Avenue here in Owensboro.  Acts will take the stage (rather, the porches) at 2 pm.  There will also be tons of food trucks to satisfy your appetite.

Here's the Porchfest 2021 lineup:

Title Sponsor: Independence Bank

          Stage A: Porch of Brian and Lauren Greenwell. 509 Griffith Avenue

SPONSOR: Greenwell Chisholm

3:00 PM: Soul N The Pocket

5:00 PM: Haleigh Martin

7:00 PM: Villa Mure

Stage B: Porch of Sherry Sabetta. 511 Griffith Avenue

SPONSOR: Haley McGinnis Funeral Home & Crematory/Door Dash

4:00 PM: Paul Montgomery

6:00 PM: Clarke Sexton

8:00 PM: Freddie Bourne

Stage C: Porch of Sean Higgins. 522 Griffith Avenue


3:00 PM: Hayley Payne

5:00 PM: Nick Lawson

7:00 PM: Ariel and the Highwheels

Stage D: Porch of Floyd and Elaine Tapp. 531 Griffith Avenue

SPONSOR: Mitzi Autry Portable Toilets/Central Screen Printing

4:00 PM: Larry Maglinger

6:00 PM: Cynthia Murray

8:00 PM: Jess Jocoy

 Stage E: Porch of Brian and Julie Reid. 713 Griffith Avenue

SPONSOR: Carpet One

4:00 PM: Drivin’ Blind

6:00 PM: Rack ‘em Leon

8:00 PM: V-Bombs

Stage F: Porch of Jonathan and Lauren Patton. 723 Griffith Avenue

SPONSOR: Sun Windows

3:00 PM: Kentucky Shine

5:00 PM: Shawn Brashear

7:00 PM: Nicholas Jamerson

9:00 PM: The Close

Stage G: Porch of Chris and Janet Reid. 819 Griffith Avenue

SPONSOR: Beaver Dam Tourism

4:00 PM: Dakota Hayden

6:00 PM: Alex Macke Daniel

8:00 PM: Andy Brasher Band

Stage H: Porch of Joseph and Sherea Hampton. 829 Griffith Avenue

SPONSOR: Dahl and Groezinger/Advanced Investment Management

3:00 PM: Parker Hamilton

5:00 PM: Dustin Taylor on the Rocks

7:00 PM: Madeline Wilkerson

Stage I: Porch of William and Krista Thompson. 905 Griffith Avenue

SPONSOR: Weedman Western Kentucky/Mosquito Joe

4:00 PM: Annabel Whitledge

6:00 PM: Elliott Sublett

8:00 PM: Cam Thompson

Stage J: Porch of Michael and April Rose. 1029 Griffith Avenue

SPONSOR: J&R Construction

4:00 PM: Grayson Jenkins

6:00 PM: Josh Merritt

8:00 PM: Sydney Lane

Stage K: Porch of Tim and Kara Allen. 1120 Griffith Avenue

SPONSOR: Kona Ice/Budget Blinds

3:00 PM: Dustin Locke

5:00 PM: Little By Little

7:00 PM: Tailgate






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