Are we alone in the universe? It's hard to believe we could be the only intelligent life form to exist. The universe is so vast,  odds are, we do have neighbors somewhere out there in the stars.

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A Must See UFO Series on Netflix

If you love the thought of UFOs making trips to observe Earth, you really need to watch the Netflix series, Top Secret UFO Projects: Declassified. It is SO good. Here is how Netflix describes it.

Though claims of extraterrestrial encounters have long been dismissed, many believe the existence of UFOs is not just likely, but a certainty.

Take a look at the trailer.

What is the new official term for a UFO?

The term UFO, standing for Unidentified Flying Object, has been around for decades. But, in light of recent government classified UFO case files being released, we are now supposed to refer to them as UAP, or Unidentified Ariel Phenomenon. Whatever you call them, the thought of actually spotting one in the sky is still very exciting to many people.

How many UFOs have been sightings have been reported in 2021?

There has actually been a spike in UFO reports in 2021. Maybe, it's because they are easy to report or maybe it's because it's more accepting by others to believe you have spotted a UFO. Either way, for people like me who love the photos and videos of possible sightings, the more, the merrier.

West Terre Haute, IN Sighting

A couple that I went to high school with were outside enjoying a beautiful night outside when they spotted this strange light in the sky.

Whether you believe this is a UAP or not, you have to admit, it would be pretty cool if it actually was what it looks like it might be.


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