This will fall under the category, Things You Really Didn't Think You Needed to Tell People. But here we go, nonetheless.

I was driving into work Tuesday morning, right after Winter Storm Part 2 had made most of our roads far too much of an adventure to navigate (although I did). I was traveling down U.S. Highway 231. A very large Dodge Ram got in behind me. I know it was a Ram because I could see the logo in my rear view mirror. Can you already spot the issue here?

Yes, had this particular driver been behind me at minimum safe distance, I wouldn't have been able to give the Chrysler Corporation a plug just now. Fortunately, when 231 broke into a four-lane in front of College View Middle School, he stormed around me and went on his way.

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And YESSSSSS, I was very impressed at his lack of concern about the condition of the roads.

After I got on the bypass, I saw emergency crews pulling a big four-wheel drive pickup out of the ditch next to the eastbound lane. It wasn't the same truck. But it did occur to me that big four-wheel drives (and I love 'em; don't get me wrong) are no more immune to slick-surface accidents than the rest of us.

And that brings me to this evening. On my way home, on Byers Avenue, all I could see out my back window was headlight glare That's how close that motorist was to my bumper. And the vehicle was NOT a big truck. It was a Cadillac. And the suspension was jacked up bad. I don't understand why someone would drive like that on a potentially slick surface in THAT kind of vehicle.

Anyway, we're all safe. And I'm home...and wondering why advice is necessary on a no-brainer topic.

I'm reminded of the song "Don't Stand So Close to Me" by The Police. Only I'd call it "Don't Drive So Close to Me."

Over and out.

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