Did you know that in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, it's law that all dogs, cats and ferrets be vaccinated against rabies and those vaccinations have to be kept up to date.  Yes, it's true.  And, no, I have no idea where the "ferret" part came from there.  But, it's in the statute.  902 KAR 2:070.

I'll be honest.  I'm a pet owner and that sometimes slips my mind.  My dogs stay in the house unless they're going outside to use the restroom.  When they do, I'm with them.  They're never left alone outside and they're never around other animals.  Well, except the occasional instance when Simon finds an possum in the backyard and jumps on its back and tries to kill it.  There's that.

Well, to make getting your pets' rabies vaccinations up-to-date, the Green River District Health Department is hosting a Rabies Clinic next month.  It's set for Wednesday, September 22nd from 8am to Noon at Legion Park right in the middle of Owensboro.


As you can see, no appointment is necessary.  And I have to say, as the owner of three dogs, I'm living for the $10 price tag.  I can get all my dogs taken care of $30 and I plan to take full advantage of that.

My only challenge will be getting my three dogs to act like they have some sense around the other animals.  LOL!  Like I said, they rarely see other animals (or people for that matter).  I have a feeling Legion Park and the folks at the Health Department may not know what's about to him 'em.


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