Strange and hard-to-explain weather phenomena are seen and felt all over the world. We tend to think of weird things happening in other countries, never our own country, let alone our state. But, that is exactly what I recently discovered.

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But, some things in the sky aren't necessarily weather-related at all, even though they happen in the sky.

Like the day in early March iof1876 when fleshy meat rained down from the sky. To this day, nobody knows why or how it happened.

I have to admit when I first started reading about the incident, I thought it had to be a hoax, but it's not. 

Did it rain meat in Kentucky?

Yes and according to,

On March 3, 1876, in Olympian Springs, Kentucky, it rained a substance that looked suspiciously like flesh. The meat rained down near the house of Allen Crouch, the New York Times reported, "covering a strip of ground about one hundred yards in length and fifty wide"

What kind of meat fell?

That is a big part of the mystery. Nobody knows. The conclusion is pretty general.

Though the kind of animal the meat came from has never been confirmed, scientists have tested samples and concluded that the “rain” was in fact small bits of partially digested animal flesh.

- Scope.Scholastic

Why did the Kentucky meat shower happen?

The meat shower happened between 11:00 am and 12:00 pm in the middle of a sunny day with clear skies. Well, that shoots down the possible theory of a tornado having anything to do with the flesh falling from the sky.

Although what type of meat that fell has yet to be confined and agreed upon, an old farmer in Ohio, offered this possible explanation for why the meat might have fallen.

Wonderopolis says that,

The Kentucky Meat Shower is still shrouded in mystery today, but most people go along with the vulture vomit theory. They believe a flock of vultures likely vomited while flying high above the Kentucky farm. Then, the light breeze caught the meat, causing it to fall across the farm like rain.
As gross as that might be, it was reported that many people grabbed the eat off the ground and tasted it to try and determine the type of meat that had fallen. Imagine their shock and gag reflex when this suggestion of why was offered.

The even stranger part of this whole strange phenomenon is the fact that meat has never fallen out of the sky in any other place. So, if the reason for the meat falling out of the sky was a flock of over-stuffed, nauseous vultures, Kentucky is the only place in the world where vultures have ever vomited?

I don't think so. But, I searched and searched and there are no other documented sightings of meat falling from the sky. Hmmmmmm...

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