Jay DeMarcus is honoring his dad Stanley Wayne DeMarcus with a beautiful new song and video. In 'Music Man' he acknowledges his father's huge influence in his life. Grab a tissue and press play.

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I know what it's like to lose your best friend, your hero and that irreplaceable man in your life. When my Dad died in June of 2013, my world crumbled. I knew at that moment that my life would never be the same.

One of the last pictures with my Dad.

My Dad was larger than life to me growing up. He was a salt of the earth kind of man. Anybody could call him for help, and he would drop everything. No questions asked. And, he worked HARD to provide for his family. He was a bricklayer, and a masterful one at that. Some of his finished work truly looked like pieces of art. I loved how he worked with field stone on a fireplace, or a home. It was a thing of beauty, but it was also hard to be a bricklayer's daughter. He worked long hours, was often tired and sore. That profession can take a toll on a person, no doubt.

My beautiful childhood home.

Looking back, I wished that we would have spent more one on one time together. Although, I'm grateful for the love he had for his nephews, my cousins, I just wished that I could have had their relationship sometimes. He loved to work with them, hunt and fish, and even go on trips together. It was easy to be a bit jealous, but my Dad always carved out time for me and my sister, even if it was just watching the Detroit Tigers, a Michigan football game, or truly any sports together. He made it to most of my sporting or school events too. I will always cherish those times with my amazing Dad.

My Dad had a smile always. He loved to have fun!

What I miss the most about my Dad? Everything, of course, but his laugh and smile would top the list. His laugh was infectious, and his smile would light up any room. In every memory and photo of my Dad he was smiling. He loved everyone around him, and the community loved him back. He was just that kind of a man. I know that he's not only missed by me, but by many. I know my cousins loved him just like a second Dad, and they grieve right alongside of me.

This new song from Jay DeMarcus touched a cord when I heard it for the first time this morning. I can relate to it very much, and if you've lost your Dad, you probably will too.

"My new song, #MusicMan, is out now! I miss my dad every day and this song made me feel so close to him.", Jay DeMarcus shared on his Instagram page.

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