This is absolutely hilarious (and adorable).  Kathy Cook's cat, Rascal, was watching TV the other day and was tuned in for Ron Rhodes' Eyewitness News forecast on WEHT.  As you'll see from the video below, Ron was clearly talking about the possibility of rain. There seems to be a lot of "green" (rain) on the radar screen. Well, Rascal wasn't having it.  LOL!  Every time Ron moved on the screen, Rascal was pawing and clawing at his face.

You hear Kathy' daughter, Emily, in the background.  Both found Rascal's reaction to the forecast hysterical.

I chatted with Ron about the video and he completely understands why the cat was trying to claw his face off.  In Ron's words, "I wasn't happy with my forecast either."

Some of the social media reaction to the video is on point.

Mark Hanney agrees with Ron's assessment. "Obviously didn't like that particular forecast."

Cory Hamlet added, "I do the same thing when you start talking about rain."

Theresa Brown wrote: "It's like he's trying to punch you in the face."

And I have to give the comment trophy to former Eyewitness News reporter Kara Kirtley nailed it.  She wrote, "It's like the cat is 2020 and Ron is America!"

It looks like Rascal the Cat knew something about the forecast none of us did.  As you all know, we had torrential rain this week in the tristate, particularly overnight Wednesday here in Owensboro.  The city was slammed with massive flash flooding that stalled cars, delayed and canceled local Catholic school classes, and left areas and streets looking like the Great Lakes.

Owensboro Flash Flooding - September 2020

After all that, I don't know about you, but I am #TeamRascal.  I bet Ron is too.

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