This could possibly be one of the funniest board games of all time.

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Since Illinois gets some pretty nasty weather during the winter, many families like to play board games to keep themselves entertained. There are the classics like Monopoly and Life. Sometimes you find one that is based on something local. I remember someone showing me a Rockford game.

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Rats The Board Game

Chicago Named Rattiest City In United States

According to,

Chicago Beats Out New York to Earn Top Spot on List of ‘Rattiest' Cities.


Rats The Board Game

Illinois Company Released New Board Game Based On Chicago's Rat Problem 

According to,

A board game that embraces Chicago's status as the rattiest city in the country.


Rats The Board Game, designed by local create studio Transit Tees, where Chicagoans can play the role of the rats they often encounter in their daily lives.

Rules For Rats The Board Game

While participating in the game, players are a Chicago rat. The rules require each rodent to build nests, have a family, search dumpsters for food (including Windy City favorites like hot dogs, Italian beef sandwiches, and tamales), watch out for predators (cats and hawks), and avoid garbage trucks. The winner is named "Da Big Cheese" and is placed on a thorn of deep-dish pizza.

I think this game would make a great Christmas gift. You can order it now through Transit Tees, HERE. They have plenty of Rat The Board Game merchandise too. All they need now is for the band, Ratt, to come up with a theme song.

For more info, HERE.

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