The Harris family is desperate to find Sariyah and bring her home. She's been out in the elements missing her family, with no food for three days. They're offering a $100 reward for her safe return. Have you seen Sariyah?

Mercedes Harris

The family is asking if everyone would help keep an eye out for Sariyah. I can hear the desperation the Harris family is feeling in this moment. They have been out day and night searching for Sariyah and won't stop. They just need some help as they continue to hang flyers all over town. She is super sweet, but I'm sure very scared. She's never been out like this.

I asked Mercedes, Sariyah's human, for an update today.

"She’s the sweetest puppy ever. She fills our home with love and laughter. We never realized it until now how boring our house is without her. She’s what makes our house a home.We just need to find her. Please Sariyah I hope you’re safe!," Mercedes shared.

Mercedes added, "There is a $100 reward for the safe return of our dog with no questions asked. I’m sure you found her after she escaped and have just been keeping her safe. YOU WILL REMAIN ANONYMOUS and get the $100. Anybody, please just lead us to some information!"

Call (270) 485-5598 or (270) 302-1886 with any information.

Mercedes Harris

Please Help Bring Sariyah Home

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