UPDATE: When this blog was published, the wording used to describe Rick Pitino's status at the University of Louisville was "fired." The language has since been changed to "unpaid administrative leave," although Pitino's own lawyer says that he has been "effectively fired."

Speculation has been swirling about Rick Pitino's tenure as the Louisville head basketball coach ever since the university was linked to a federal corruption investigation.

Now, there is no longer any need for conjecture as Pitino and Louisville athletic director Tom Jurich have been put on leave--Pitino's is unpaid, Jurich's is paid.

After a multi-year FBI probe that involved wire taps, undercover operations, the flipping of certain parties, bugged hotel rooms, among others, four assistant college basketball coaches at prominent Division I universities were arrested while others were mentioned in a massive written complaint and only identified in code.

But when it was revealed U of L interim president Gregory Postel that "University 6" in the complaint was, in fact, Louisville, dots were apparently easily connected.

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