Evansville's cat cafe is home to several adoptable cats from the Vanderburgh Humane Society, but cafe owners say the cat lounge is temporarily closed after an outbreak of illness among the cat population in the cafe.

Temporarily Closing the Cat Lounge

Out of an abundance of caution, River Kitty Cat Cafe will be closing the cat lounge for the next two weeks as they monitor the cats residing there for symptoms. At this time, River Kitty Cat Cafe plans to reopen the cat lounge on Tuesday, November 8, 2022. No guests in the cafe will be allowed to enter the lounge. However, River Kitty employees will still be providing care, companionship, and cuddles to the cats until the lounge is reopened to the public.

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A Feline-Only Infection

While Evansville's River Kitty Cat Cafe has not specified the exact nature of the illness that has infiltrated the cat lounge, they have explained that it is an infection that is only transmittable from one cat to another and that humans cannot be infected by the illness, according to a post to Facebook.

We have confirmed some illness in our cat lounge, and will need to close it to all customers for 2 weeks while we monitor the kitties for symptoms and make sure everyone stays healthy.
It is an illness that is ONLY transmissible between cats… not between cats & humans.
If everyone does stay healthy, the lounge will reopen for cat visits on Tuesday, November 8th.
Photo by Eric Han on Unsplash

 Stop In to Support River Kitty Cat Cafe

While the cat lounge is closed, River Kitty will be losing out on the revenue generated through visitors to the lounge and they are asking the public to stop in for a drink, macarons, or even some River Kitty Cat Cafe merchandise to help their non-profit mission. If you would like to donate directly to help care for the cats at River Kitty, you can do so through the Vanderburgh Humane Society Website, and include "River Kitty" in the notes on the donation page. You can also keep scrolling to watch a live stream of the cats in the lounge below.

More About River Kitty Cat Cafe

River Kitty Cat Cafe, located on Main Street in downtown Evansville,  is a non-profit program affiliated with the Vanderburgh Humane Society and they work to connect potential adopters with adoptable cats looking for their forever homes. At any given time, River Kitty Cat Cafe houses 16 cats in their cat lounge and patrons are able to purchase time to visit inside the lounge with the kitties there. The fee to visit the cats in the cat lounge goes to help the cafe cover the cost of caring for the cats. To date, they have had 1142 adoptions through the cat cafe.

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