At least once in your life, you have probably looked for gold at the end of a rainbow right?!  We found a doodle from Indiana who's discovered more than gold.

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Brooklyn Adkisson, from Rockport, capture pure "gold" last week when she was trying to take the perfect photo of her doodle at the end of a rainbow.  Here's what happened;

This is Blue, he's an 11-month-old golden doodle that we (my boyfriend and I) got from Kreekview Kennels, and he is our goofy, lovey, happy, fluffy boy. I was crossing over the Blue bridge on my way home when I saw the rainbow, and it was the brightest one I had ever seen. I already had a picture of our other dog, Dixie, in front of one, so of course, I immediately thought of Blue. I got home, pulled into the garage, RAN inside to get Blue, then we both hurried to the backyard so I could try to get some good pictures before it went away. I kept trying to pose him, telling him to sit and stay, but he just kept pacing back and forth until he just couldn't hold it any longer.  I figured I would try to get the best photo I could while he was sitting still, even though he was "doing a poop", and that's how we got the pooping rainbow picture.

Blue basically went viral on Brooklyn's Facebook page and gave everyone in her newsfeed a much-needed laugh.  We had to share the photos with you all.

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