Over the weekend, we got the kind of rain we haven't seen in a while, with flooding a real issue, not just here in the tri-state but across Kentucky.

When I got to work yesterday, this ditch that's out the window behind my office was filled to the brim:

Dave Spencer/Townsquare Media
Dave Spencer/Townsquare Media

It takes a ton of rain to fill that thing up. Fortunately, we've had a LOT of sunshine the last 36 hours and that water is almost gone. And we're expecting a lot of sunshine the next SEVERAL days and we need its evaporative powers.

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But while we had flooding in western Kentucky, a state of emergency farther east was necessitated and so Governor Andy Beshear declared one. According to SpectrumNews1, there were 13 counties in eastern Kentucky in desperate need of federal assistance due to all the rain.

In east-central Kentucky, south of Lexington in a Rockcastle County neighborhood, evacuations were necessary.

Additionally, in Garrard County, immediately northwest of Rockcastle, the Camp Nelson RV Park got hit pretty hard and ALSO had to be evacuated, according to a report from WKYT-Lexington.

Camp Nelson sits right on the Kentucky River, which runs under Interstate 75. A quick thinker spotted this fifth wheel camper in that river and got some video:

Despite how dramatic that image is, we've heard no reports of injuries, but authorities DID have to evacuate 60 families from that park.

I will say this, those "new lakes" that emerged out my way--along U.S. 231--do look pretty cool in the moonlight, but it's time for them to go.

And with all this sun we'll be getting over the next week, I'm sure they'll be disappearing soon, if they haven't already.

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