I used to have a Samsung. My biggest problem with it was that it ate up battery juice like a starving leopard.

It never once blew up, caught fire, robbed a bank...none of those things.

And I'm very happy about that.

It did get really hot once--to the point where I put it in the freezer--but that was the extent of my "increased temperature" issues.

Well, it seems the hits just keep on coming for the folks at Samsung.

Wednesday, a Southwest Airlines flight was prepared to depart from Louisville when a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 began smoking, forcing an evacuation of the aircraft.

Never a comforting occurrence, to be sure.

A woman from Indiana said it was her husband's Note 7 that began popping, then smoking, after he'd powered it down while sitting on the tarmac.


It was powered down.

Oh, and how about THIS kicker...

The phone's owner, Brian Green, told The Verge that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 that caused the evacuation was a REPLACEMENT phone.

It was supposed to be OK.

Hey, I don't want to pile on.

I went through two LG-G4s in 11 months because both the original and its replacement completely crapped out on me when their respective hard drives crashed.

I now have an LG-G5 and so far so good, but it hasn't been 5 months either.

Fingers crossed.

But Samsung's issues are clearly far worse and I'm fairly certain a company like that has its proverbial nose to the grindstone to get their product up to the level of quality where they want it to stay.

In the meantime, keep a fire extinguisher handy.