Did you know that a 176-year-old castle on a countryside in Missouri is awaiting your arrival on horseback? OK, so you can drive there, too...but it really is a castle in Missouri that you can stay in and I have pics to prove it.

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I found this regal castle on Airbnb hidden away in the woods near Ironton, Missouri. That's south of St. Louis in the Mark Twain National Forest. It's gorgeous there. It was built in 1846 by TR Goulding. The listing says this Missouri castle sits on"9 acres of Shepherd Mountain and connects to over 600 acres of hiking and biking trails on Shepherd Mountain." Let's look inside.

See Inside a 176-Year-Old Missouri Castle You Can Really Stay In

I don't know about availability, but I do know the current rate to stay in this castle is $350 per night. Based on the listing, this looks like it's just now being offered as an Airbnb so if you hurry you might be one of the first members of royalty to spend some quality time there. Round up your favorite peasants...or family/friends as your Missouri castle awaits.

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