Hey Y'all!  Angel here and I have finally returned from my 18-day holiday vacation.  I wanted to share with you all the gorgeous condo we stayed in for six days.  It had a rooftop pool!

This vacation was particularly special because my son Parker is a senior this year and it may very well be the last family vacation we all take together.   I soaked in every single minute even the ones where the got on my ever-loving nerves.

We have been on several vacations through the years but this one was the best.  I saved for several months so we could do the things we wanted.  Honestly, we ended up spending a lot of the time at the resort because it was so nice.

I decided in August after we returned from the Smokies that our family needed a beach vacation for Christmas.  I booked and didn't look back until I got an email from the rental company telling me the owner of our condo decided they wanted it for the dates we were staying.  I was totally bummed but they immediately began to fix the issue and found us an even better condo for the same price.

Our holiday vacay home for 6 days was Grand Panama Resort.  When we arrived we were pleasantly surprised it was located literally next to The Holiday Inn Resort PCB and Edgewater.  Both of these places are special to us.

As Chad always jokes taking six people and four of them being kids can be a bit stressful but the condo had tons of space for all of us.  Everyone had their own area which made for a more comfortable stay.


I will say this, we loved our stay but one thing that was missing was the hospitality of the Holiday Inn Resort PCB.  We love our friends that have become family there and the kids said all week we miss our other "becation" (as Charlotte calls it) home.  Which they meant the Holiday Inn.  Both places are amazing and cater to two different needs.  We needed the room for the family in the condo but for fun and excitement, and never having to leave the resort Holiday Inn provides so much for kids.  Thankfully we got to go and pay a visit to our friends.

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