Ever wonder how your phone's autocorrect function would handle some of the Tri-States' stranger names?

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Autocorrect is a necessary evil. We all rely on it so much to fix our spelling mistakes. I know I use it almost every time that I send a text. I am a horrible speller and probably rely on autocorrect too much. Sometimes simple mistakes like typing “luncj” to and autocorrecting to “lunch” or “wrok” to “work”. And you’re all “Gee, thanks, Autocorrect! That is exactly what I meant to type!” I should really get in the habit of reading text before I send, but when I am driving and doing speak to text it's never right and I give up.

Autocorrect can be a spell-saving tool, but other times, it gets all cocky and goes rogue on you. All of a sudden, instead of getting tickets to Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, it’s all “TWO TICKETS TO BRUNCH SPRINGS STEEP AND THE EBAY STREET BANK COMING UP!”

So I got to thinking, how would autocorrect handle some of the Tri-States' more peculiarly-spelled businesses, restaurants, events, attractions, etc.

So I started typing. And here’s what happened.

Tri-State Places That Autocorrect can't Handle

It's safe to say that when you are typing a text and a different type of spelling needs to happen and autocorrect just isn't having it. Pick up the phone and make a phone call, it will save you from throwing your phone at something and breaking it altogether. It will also save you some stress.

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