We’ve been hit with several severe storms and even some confirmed tornadoes recently.  Homeowners and businesses alike may now be assessing damage to their property.  BBB® would like to remind you to use caution if you are approached by a door-to-door contractor eager to repair your damage.

While there are many reputable contractors out there, unfortunately the promise of insurance checks attracts some who are looking for a quick buck. Beware of the contractor from outside the area who shows up wanting to fix your storm damage and eager for the insurance check. You may end up with partial repairs and no trace of the person you hired.

Before you sign that repair contract, here are a few things your BBB suggests that you do:

  1. Get estimates from several different companies.  Most companies will do estimates for free; however, you may be required to pay for an estimate at certain businesses.  You should feel free to ask about the cost of the estimate before they come out to look at your home.  You can check out the businesses you choose with your BBB.
  2. Ask for customer references from the companies you select and don’t be afraid to call them.  You will feel more informed about the decision you are making when you speak to others who have been in your shoes.