Shedd Aquarium's adorable female sea otter needs a name. Her name right now is "926". She's a rescue living in Chicago, help them pick a cool name for her.

Shedd Aquarium's Rescued Sea Otters

Shedd Aquarium staff are looking for some help naming one of the two 9-month-old sea otters who were discovered off the California coast when they were just a couple of weeks old. Chicago SunTimes reported that neither of the otters, who were discovered separately, had any mothers or other adults nearby so, after a brief stay at an aquarium out west, their rescue journey brought them to Chicago.

Shedd's Animal Care Team is selecting a name for Otter 926, you get the unique opportunity to help them name Otter 929 (pictured below).

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Both "926" and "929" had recently been living behind the scenes at Shedd Aquarium, but now have been introduced to the otter habitat. Now's your chance to see the otter crew in action. Shedd Aquarium's otter habitat includes, Cooper.

Watson, and

Luna. All great names, so while the Sheed team names "926", you can help name "929".

Your name choices for "929" are:

  • Jade: inspired by Jade Cove in the southern area of Big Sur in California
  • Sunny: inspired by Sunset Beach in California
  • Willow: inspired by Willow Creek Picnic Area and Beach in Monterey County, California

"Willow" gets my vote. Voting will close on Monday, October 31st at 5 p.m.

Click HERE to vote for your favorite name.

Check Shedd Aquarium's Instagram and Facebook on Tuesday, November 1st when they'll announce both otters' names.

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