SHHH no one tell Leslie Morgan I'm writing this!

This week, both Stacey Godbold and I underwent a major surgery. We both had about four inches (or more) chopped off our hair into a long bob. I LOVE it. I feel sassy and I feel like my hair has life!

AshleyS/Simply Savvy

This morning, my co-worker Leslie Morgan, host of the Q Crew Morning Show, told me that she wishes she had the gumption to go under the scissors and do the long bob too. But, it ain't happenin'! I get it! As women, sometimes our hair can field like a shield or a comfort blanket. Letting go of what we know for something unknown can be hard. SO SO SO hard. And, there's nothing worse than hating your hair. Luckily though, hair grows back.

So, without Leslie's permission or consent (because I'm just that loving of a co-worker) I've started a petition to help Leslie change her mind. I'm calling it BE FREE LESLIE!

I even did a quick app filter using Perfect 365 to see what she'd look like with the LB. I'm 100% sure if it was real, it would look 100% better. Actually, this is kind of terrible. Seriously, please keep reading. It would be fantastic. Leslie rocks anything and everything and she'd be gorg. Trust me!

Stacey Godbold

And, if Leslie won't cut hers, here's to hoping Quinten grows his out.