I have heard of people swimming with sharks but what about sleeping with them.  What if you could spend the night with several different shark species?  Would you do it?

Ripley's Aquarium in Gatlinburg is hosting Sips & Sharks this Saturday.  You get to visit the Aquarium, eat, have drinks, and then you get a private after-hours tour which would be completely amazing.

If you're like our family you don't do a whole lot of sipping.  Ripley's has an overnight stay that includes; a dive show, scavenger hunt for families, couples, or groups.  I can just see me taking a bunch of Braden's football friends to sleep with sharks.  Not sure how much sleeping would happen.

Angel here and Joe and I love heading to the Smokies for a weekend getaway.  There are so many different things to do and it is only about five hours from the Tri-State.

Chad always talks about the time in Mexico he wanted to swim with Sharks but found out they were Nurse Sharks and not  Great Whites so he bailed.

Sleeping with sharks doesn't just happen on weekends either.  You can plan a trip to sleep with sharks on your birthday, Halloween, or even your wedding night.



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