SNL's fake commercials are often a highlight and last night was no different, casting host Vince Vaughn in an ad for a fake product so ridiculous and so dumb that it kind of impossible for it to not be funny. Everyone, meet the Bathroom Cobra.

It's a simple, dangerous and ludicrous concept: if you've used the bathroom and are too ashamed for anyone to go in after you, just release the Bathroom Cobra, who protect your smelly shame and prevent anyone who values their life from entering. Installing the Bathroom Cobra is as easy as dumping it out of a bag and hightailing it out of there as fast as you can. Getting rid of it is, uh, a little tricky (and you can watch the video below to see how).

Many of the actual live sketches on last night's SNL were pretty hit and miss, but this scene played to Vaughn's strengths as a film star, so he didn't have to bother with cue cards (which seemed to be a problem for him the entire night). To be fair, this is a hard sketch to screw up -- the real start of the show is the cobra!

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