From the book series to the movies series, the Hunger Games have captivated audiences and from the buzz about the new movie set to be released this November, it looks like Mockingjay will do the same.

editors note: Brett Here.  I highly suggest getting in tune with what is going on with the Hunger Games.  Very entertaining and very suspenseful!

A few weeks ago I came across the first trailer I had seen for the new movie and was very intrigued. The trailer makes you feel like you are watching something that is being broadcast on TVs in the movie, not like you are watching a movie trailer.

While many different movies have had unique trailers, I thought this was a perfect fit for this series. It is a great way to hype the new movie while not giving too much away from the movie.

And they have done it again! Just last night I came across a new trailer for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay. And once again you feel like you are watching something on a TV in the capitol. If you want to check it out here you go!


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