The only survivor of a drunk driving related car accident that killed her father, sister, and grandmother, a young woman shares her story of love, hope and most importantly... forgiveness.

In November of 2016, while driving home from a band competition in Indianapolis, David Rinehart, his mother, Ruth and daughter, Sophie were killed. According to WRTV, local investigators reported:

.....a 2015 Honda Civic, driven by David Rinehart, 46, was traveling southbound on the interstate when he struck a deer causing him to pull onto the outside shoulder and come to a stop.

Troopers say Mason Hartke, 19, of Jasper was driving a 2006 Chevrolet southbound on I-69 and for unknown reasons, left the southbound lanes of traffic and entered the outside shoulder, striking the parked Honda.

The only survivor of the fatal crash was daughter, granddaughter, and older sister, Josie.  Needless to say, her life has been tragically changed forever. When most of us would have hate and resentment spewing from our hearts, she has chosen to forgive.

In a blog recently written by Josie, she reveals her 'what if's'...

I selfishly yearn for her (Sophie)to have been sick that day or to have wanted to take the bus home instead of ride home with us. What would have changed? Maybe I would be sitting here laughing about a really awkward moment with Sophie. Maybe my dad and I would be riding in the car jamming to 70’s music. Maybe Grandma and I would be shopping for things we don’t need. Maybe… But those maybe’s are gone and that’s okay.

Josie goes on to reveal her decision to forgive the young man for his careless actions of the night that lead to the death of her loved ones.

There are two roads and it’s my decision on which one to take. There are days when I want to punch him in the face, but there are other days when I think about how this will haunt him the rest of his life. Even if he looks at me and feels no remorse, I still forgive him. Why? Because I’m tired… Tired of choosing hate, tired of feeling constant anger, and tired of living my life based on the actions of someone with whom I have no control over. I don’t want to be consumed anymore. So I won’t…

As we all suffer losses and and tragedy in our lives, we should all remember the words and wisdom of this amazing young woman. Through her loss, Josie has given to each of us the strength to forgive. Read the rest of her blog HERE.

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