Admit it, even though you swear you never touch your phone while you are driving, you'd be fibbing a bit. Sure there are laws around the country that fine texting while driving, but South Carolina is trying to make sure their drivers NEVER touch their phones again.

The bill sponsor, Republican Rep Bill Taylor, thinks the current ban on texting while driving is "too weak" because drivers can always claim they weren't texting even though they were holding their phones.

The proposal for the fine is $200, wow. Ohio currently has a similar law that fines drivers $100 even if they can't prove the driver was texting. Those offenders are also offered a one-hour distracted driving course.

In Kentucky, drivers 18 and under are not allowed to use a cell phone while driving, even if it's hands-free. Texting and driving is illegal for all ages. The fines build from $25 to $50 plus court fees and three points off driver's license.

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