One Evansville, Indiana groom got the wedding gift of a lifetime over the weekend courtesy of his favorite NFL player.

Take notes, folks who are getting married. This is one way to show your soon-to-be husband how much you love him. A woman in Evansville wanted to make sure that she gave her husband-to-be the gift of a lifetime for their wedding day, and did she ever! I'm pretty sure this is the wife of the year material.

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Katie Folsom married her husband Elijah over the weekend on November 19th in Boonville, Indiana. Elijah has been a die-hard fan of the Green Bay Packers his whole life. When the couple started dating in 2017, Katie made his dreams come true by buying him his first Packers jersey, which was his favorite player, Aaron Rodgers. Then, she took him to see his first-ever Packers game in Detroit against the Lions. Katie then took him to Lambeau Field to see the Packers play at home against the Chicago Bears for their 5th anniversary. That's love at its finest.

Katie Folsom
Katie Folsom

Fast forward to this year, and Katie wanted to get him the ultimate gift for his wedding if marrying a woman who does all of these awesome things isn't enough. She wanted to go above and beyond to try to find a way to get Elijah's favorite player, Aaron Rodgers to send him a personalized video. Katie told me:

I got in contact with the stadium, then they got me in contact with his agent. His agent and I stayed in contact weekly for about three months. The agent finally told me it was most likely not going to be possible to get the video, but then the very next day he was able to do the video for Elijah, and I was able to surprise my husband at our wedding with this special toast from his MVP.

I asked Katie what Elijah's reaction was to see this video at their wedding. She said that as soon as he saw who it was, he sat up in his chair really tall and was super excited. Then,  when he said our names he sat up even more full of excitement.

I sure hope that Elijah is just as good at surprising Katie with awesome things as she is! This is something that I am sure he will remember, and brag about for the rest of his life.

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