Some dude in Pittsburgh spent 42 hours alphabetizing every single word in 'Star Wars,' because why not?

As you'll see in the above 43-minute video, 'Star Wars: Episode IV -- A New Hope' with all of its words arranged in alphabetical order is actually a really annoying thing. From multiple instances of the word "harvest" to just one utterance of "suicide," everything flies by so fast you'd think you were on a mission to save a galaxy with a bunch of nonsense-sputtering freaks.

As Wired notes in a story about the man behind the project, the video's creator knows that what he did was pretty much a useless waste of time. But, you know, he had the time. So why not?

“The video is meant to be provocative in its uselessness,” Tom Murphy VII told Wired. “I don’t really know where it came from. I like to think of stuff like music or a book or Wikipedia or a movie as data -- how can you take that and play around with it?”

Murphy details how he put together 'ARST ARSW' (which is 'Star Wars'' letters arranged alphabetically). According to Wired, he basically used some familiar hacking programs to rearrange every word uttered onscreen. But first he needed to watch the movie and jot down every single word. In the end, he had an 11,000-word transcript in his hands.

Then he inputted it all into software. A day or so later, he had the above video. It's all very technical. And way nerdy. And a total waste of time. But in a good way. Sorta.

And here's some of your favorite indie rockers, including Liz Phair and Ben Folds, auditioning for 'Star Wars'' cantina band:

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