In Taco Bell's 2013 Super Bowl commercial we meet Bernie Goldblatt, an older gentlemen who is being wished good night by an aid at the Glencobrooke Retirement Home. Or so she thinks he is going to sleep. In fact, Bernie's night is just beginning.

He sneaks out of the home and is picked up be his equally grey-haired compadres in a car. As the Spanish version of the .Fun smash hit 'We Are Young' plays, the seniors start to go wild.

First they invade a neighbor's pool for a quick dip. Then the pranksters set off firecrackers. There's no need for ID when they hit the club, but they still rock harder than all the revelers a quarter their age.

Next it's tattoos and Taco Bell. "Live Mas," Taco Bell encourages as the gang from the greatest generation returns home after their crazy night.

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