Darrell Waltrip

Waltrips To Help at Hospice Event Tuesday June 12
Ole D.W. and his wife Stevie are going to be back in Owensboro this Tuesday for a very important event and one that is near Darrell's heart. Hospice of Western Kentucky's Kick-Off Celebration announcing their Heartford House building project...
Darrell Waltrip and LeRoy’s Boys World Debut
Darrell Waltrip was in Owensboro Wednesday April 11, 2012 to record a song for the International Bluegrass Music Museum. That night D.W. and LeRoy's Boys performed the song before a group of VIP's. I don't know how I got in the group but I did...
Downtown Owensboro 42 Years Ago
While looking for some documents (which I still have not located) I came across some papers from September 1969. No I am not going to talk Nixon, Viet Nam, Hippies or Waitman Taylor winning the primary election.
What most impressed me was the businesses that are no longer around and the prices for pr…
NASCAR Hall of Famer Darrell Waltrip Interview Pt. 1
D.W. was in town Wednesday June 15. We had lunch at Moonlite and talked about his life and times. His comments are straight foreward and from the heart. As you listen you will understand why he is a treasure for NASCAR, Kentucky and his hometown of Owensboro.