Ready for starting up your car and scraping off your windows? The Tri-State could see its first snow of the season starting Sunday night. One key is the Saturday and Sunday night lows will hover around 32 degrees. Gusty winds will also help cool us off.
Report Card Rewards List
As I type report cards may be in the mail on their way to parents all over the Tri-State. Many businesses encourage students to do their best by rewarding good grades. Here is the most recent list-->
The REAL Back To School Pictures
Let's be totally honest we don't always post the worst pictures we take especially on the first day of school. Several local parents shared their "REAL LIFE" Back To School pictures and they are hysterical-->
How To Tie A Scarf
Scarves used to be only used when it was cold outside. Well, times are changing even if the weather here in the Tri-State can't make up its' mind. Here are so super fun ways to tie a scarf for weather or just because you want to make a fashion statement.

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