Trunnell's Farm Market

The "Curious" Corn Maze
As you likely know, the theme for this year's giant corn maze at Trunnell's Farm Market is the 75th anniversary of Curious George.  We announced the theme a couple of weeks ago with an exclusive sneak peek video.  Well, now we have the official, completed overhead view of this ye…
Children of the corn
The Family Fun Acre is back at Trunnell's Farm Market and, this year, it's bigger and better than ever with over 30 different attractions that kids and adults are going to love.  Among those attractions is the Giant Corn Maze, which is again home to the interactive mystery Farm Scene Investigation. …
Trunnell's Peach Jam
It wouldn't be summertime without the sweetness of peaches, right? Trunnell's Farm Market agrees and has us all taken care of! The Trunnell's Peach Jam is back! It's a weekend of anything and everything peaches, including a pageant for your sweet little kiddos!
The Grand Pumpkin Smash [Video]
Fore!!  Check this out.  To help Trunnell's Farm Market promote their Grand Pumpkin Smash this weekend, I got to grab a golf club and tee off on one.  It was so much fun and just a tiny preview of what's to come Saturday!

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