Need a mood lift? You cant get all kinds of happy vibes and caffeine in Rockford's newest downtown coffee shop.

If there's something I like to do it's drink coffee on the weekends. I mean I love it on the weekdays too but it's different, that's a need, weekend coffee, that's a want and I want to drink it on Saturday and Sunday and I want to walk around downtown Rockford to do it.

So I was PUMPED to find out that not only were we getting a new coffee shop in downtown Rockford but they're open on Sundays, ok I'm sold!

I happened to visit on a Saturday... but, I'll be back on a Sunday, I promise.

What did I order? A cookie dough cold brew with a little bit of whipped cream, had to have the perfect photo with the Friends purple door in the background right?


The menu is pretty simple, which is good because you don't want to hold up the line deciding. You have a few coffee choices, with flavor options listed on a separate menu.

Two size choices (thank you, I need a big choice).


And Lemon Shake ups, which my friend ordered and it was pretty delicious

I'm not sure what a Resurrector is but I might need to try it next time I stop by.

Oh, by the way, the decor is dope. Ok, I'm not cool enough to say it's dope but that's a popular word from the 90s.

Everywhere you look, there's something frun from the late 80s or 90s that will make you smile and you know what... when I'm at a coffee shop all I'm really looking for is a good mood.

There are a few tables and chair and a cute couch to sit on, but chances are you'll take your coffee to go for a stroll downtown.

Inzombia Coffee is just a few steps away from CJ's Public House at 306 East State Street.

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