Bent Not Broken.  That's a slogan embraced by scoliosis patients around the world. That certainly has become a motto for Gracie Rager, who's family used to live here in Owensboro.  Next month, Gracie, who's just ten-years-old, will undergo a major surgery at Norton's Children's Hospital in Louisville.  That surgery will keep her in the hospital for weeks and recovering at home for weeks after that.  To get emotionally and financially prepared for that surgery, family and friends have created and are rallying the troops for Team Gracie.
Gracie is the daughter of Kenny and Taran Rager.  Many folks here in Owensboro know them from Kenny's job as pastor of Life Community Church.  He was also pastor at Living Faith in Ohio County.  They have four children- Hope, Joy, Nehemiah and Gracie.
Rager Family/Facebook
Rager Family/Facebook
Gracie, the oldest, has dealt with severe scoliosis for the last several years.  As her father shared recently on social media, "(Gracie) had to wear a pretty uncomfortable brace, which proved to be very difficult for her. Her curves have continued to increase in spite of the brace."
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So, on March 22nd, Gracie will undergo a major corrective surgery- a spinal fusion.  According to family friend Leslie McCarty, "She will have discs removed from her back, have rods inserted, and be fitted for a halo, which will ultimately help straighten her spine."
To help show support for the family and raise money for the procedure, Team Gracie t-shirts are being sold for $20 a piece.  Gracie, by the way, designed the shirt herself.
Team Gracie

If you'd like to order your Team Gracie t-shirt, CLICK HERE!  The order deadline is Noon CST on March 1st, 2021. You can also donate to Gracie's GoFundMe page.

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