Your BBB® wants to share important information regarding those calls from unlisted numbers. According to USA TODAY, The IRS is planning to use the services of private debt collectors starting this spring. They will go after overdue federal tax debts. Lawmakers are trying to collect more revenue, given the lack of collection resources at the Internal Revenue Service.

However, consumer advocates are worried that the average person will not be able to tell the difference between the real IRS calling and a scammer pretending to work for the IRS.

According to USA TODAY, the IRS will hand over taxpayer accounts to the collection companies this spring. Almost 380,000 accounts will be subjected to this initiative, with 80% of the taxpayers generating relatively low income, according to Nina Olson, national tax payer advocate.

The IRS hasn’t commented on this initiative or set up a date for the start of the program. However, consumers will be snail mailed before getting a phone call from the tax collectors.  If you get one of these calls and you are not sure who the caller is, hang up and contact your IRS branch to make sure you are not being scammed or call 1-800 -829- 1040.

We will keep you updated on the manner in which this program will be implemented.

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