This is a serious question. For me, growing up in Kentucky, both soccer and hockey were not only foreign sports to me, I didn't care to watch either one. Now? I am little more open to what my out of the norm sports viewing choices are, especially during the summer.The concept of the FIFA World Cup is simple, nations compete for soccer supremacy. This competition shouldn't be confused with the Summer Olympics. Yes, it's exactly the same thing, only medals are awarded and not a cup. And the World Cup occurs every four years, well, the women's and men's are held in separate years. For example, next year the Women's World Cup will be back, and then the men will have to wait again until 2019. Personally, I prefer the women's competition. I'm not being biased, it's just more fun to watch.

At this point, the Americans are a long shot to win, and I don't know if the world would be the same if host country and soccer mecca Brazil didn't win. But as long as the sport has the fans and the characters like this:

Joe Raedle/Getty Images News
Joe Raedle/Getty Images News

I'll be amused.

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