A toy that everyone either had or has seen as a child just got some major upgrades and I'm not sure if it's a good or bad thing...

The Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone has been a part of our childhoods for over 60 years now. We all know the phone that I am referring to the white old-school rotary dial phone on red wheels with a face on the top. You probably had one that you played with back in the day. It's still around now, and it actually just got an upgrade that has caught up with the times.

The Chatter Telephone Can Make Real Calls Now

If you have ever played with one of these phones, you know that it's really imagination-based. The child picks up the phone, dials a number, and talks to an imaginary person on the other end. Oftentimes, this can lead to a pretty interesting conversation between the kid and whoever might be on the other end. Now, the latest version of the Chatter Telephone has a built-in Bluetooth feature.

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This upgraded Chatter Telephone will connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Once connected, you can actually use the rotary dial to make real phone calls by dialing someone's number. However, you might have to give yourself a little refresher on how to use a rotary dial, because it's quite possible that your child has no idea how to use it.

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So you can actually make and receive real calls with the new Chatter Telephone. All you have to do is pick up the red telephone and talk into it, or you can press the speakerphone button on the phone to begin your conversation. Finally, when you're done, you simply hang up the handset as you would have with phones like that back in the day.

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Is This A Good Or Bad Thing?

I can see this being cool for kids to have their parents connect their phone to the Chatter Telephone so kids can call loved ones. It's fun for the kids, and they get to talk to friends and family on "their own phone". However, what happens if you forget to disconnect your phone, and your child decides to start calling random numbers? Can you see how that could be a little problematic? Overall, I think this new version of the Chatter Telephone is great...just make sure that you disconnect it from your phone after your child is done using it.

Best Buy via Fisher-Price

How To Get The New Chatter Telephone

The new Bluetooth Chatter Telephone model is available at BestBuy.com starting today for $60. If that's a little too pricey for you, you can still buy the OG Chatterphone for only $10.

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