Like more than 21 million people (as of this writing), I saw the video in which young Keaton Jones expresses his anguish at being bullied at school and it was heartbreaking.  But as I saw more and more people from all walks of life show their support, I realized what a vital rallying cry this is going to become.

I was bullied when I was young, although not as relentlessly as kids today seem to do it. I kept it to myself, for some reason, and by the time I got to high school, it had begun to dissipate. And if there was the occasional jerk who made some unnecessary crack about my weight or my birth mark (white spot in my hair, about which I was actually NEVER sensitive), I deflected it with my sense of humor. But when I was in elementary school and middle school, it was just really tough. However, it's different today. It's more psychological. It's more torturous. It can be irrevocably damaging. But Keaton's video has reached millions who are extending a figurative hand of support and alliance. And some of those hands aren't figurative:

And actor Chris Evans has extended a very special invitation to Keaton and his family:

I could go on for hours attaching messages from celebrities and non-celebrities the world over who #StandWithKeaton, but all you need to do is click that link I just provided and you'll see.

Bullying is a horrible epidemic among our kids. I'm hoping Keaton's message of strength and perseverance will permeate our collective consciousness and do the kind of good it needs to do for as long as it needs to do it.



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