Did you know there's another Owensboro?  I didn't either until I stumbled across it on my phone recently.  I was looking up weather in Owensboro and my weather app gave me a choice between Owensboro, Kentucky and Owensboro, Georgia.  Not knowing the latter existed, I decided to do a little research.  Here's what I found out about the "other" Owensboro.

It's TINY!  And I suppose I shouldn't have used caps to stress how tiny Owensboro, Georgia is . . . but it's so small it's not even officially a city.  Located in Wilcox County, Georgia, Owensboro isn't even a town.  Officially, it's an "unincorporated community."  In other words . . . it's TINY!

Google Maps
Google Maps

In fact, Wilcox County is relatively small with an estimated population of about 10,000 residents.  The two largest cities in Wilcox County are small as well: Abbeville is the largest with about 3,000 residents.  Rochelle, very near Owensboro, is the second largest city in the county with just about 1500 residents.

Wilcox County, Georgia is actually home to a significant story line of Civil War history.  Jefferson Davis actually spent his last night in Wilcox County, near Owensboro, before being captured by Union troops.  Of course, his capture led to the eventual end of the Confederacy.  That event is immortalized each year with the Chasing Jefferson Davis Marathon and Half Marathon, which is held in May and begins in Abbeville.

To learn more about Owensboro, Georgia, CLICK HERE!

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