I have a sweet tooth and it's screaming like Jodie Foster's lambs.  And yours is gonna be aching too.  Like when a vampire sees Sookie Stackhouse.  Ya'll have to check this out.  We have created our first-ever Sweets Card and it goes on sale Monday at Seize the Deal.com.  The cards feature delicious desserts from seven different local restaurants.  LOOK!

Photo by Brian Ach/Getty Images for Crumbs Bake Shop
Photo by Brian Ach/Getty Images for Crumbs Bake Shop

With the WBKR Sweets Card, you can treat your valentine to the following.  (Or, who are we kidding here?  Forget your valentine.  You won't need a valentine to love up on you if you buy one!  You'll have seven plates full of lovin'.)  This is what you get!

Dunkin Donuts- Large Latte and 2 donuts

Orange Leaf- Up to 16 ounces of yogurt

Show Me's- choice of 2 desserts

Mirko Pasta- choice of dessert

Red Lobster- Key Lime Pie

Olive Garden- Choice of dessert

Maggie's Cakes- 3 gourmet cupcakes

The WBKR Sweets Card is just $15 and there are only 300 available.  And $2 from every card sold will benefit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Get yours starting Monday at Seizethedeal.com!

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