Good news for local donut lovers.  The Rolling Pin in Owensboro, which has been closed since the end of March due to COVID-19 concerns, will reopen its doors tomorrow morning.  When it does reopen, the store will have adjusted hours of operation and social distancing mechanisms in place.

In late March, the Rolling Pin's new owners made the difficult decision to close the bakery temporarily.  In an effort to protect their workers and the community as a whole, they said, "We now believe it’s our turn to do our part for what is best for the Donut Crew and family. It’s time for us to head home to our loved ones while everyone is healthy and join the so many already at home."

The shop remained closed the entire month of April.  But now, as Kentucky starts to ease some stay-at-home restrictions, the Rolling Pin will reopen its doors at 5:30am, Monday, May 4th.

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