Owensboro has some of the most beautiful homes around.  Currently, there are six million dollar plus homes for sale and we wanted to take a look around.

#1: 36 Stone Creek Park ($1,100,000)

#2: 2531 Riverrun ($1,150,000)

#3: 3918 Back Nine Court ($1,150,000)

#4: 1520 Griffith Avenue ($1.399,000)

#5: 1024 Griffith Avenue ($1,800,000)

#6: 2486 Old Highway 144 ($2,250,000)

Each home is unique and beautiful in its own way.  Owensboro is a great place to raise a family or just settle down.  I have lived here nearly my whole life and love looking at the homes for sale even if I am not in the market for buying one.

Can I just say I feel like saying "I just adore a penthouse view".

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