Leave it to Missouri to come up with a combination of places not ever seen before. This location is a great example. It's a place that's a dog day care and also a patio bar with a full menu of stuff to eat and drink.

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I saw the Bark Yard featured on Only In Your State. Located in Springfield, it is a very unique dog day care where you can eat and drink to your heart's delight.

The official Bark Yard website provides the info for what they offer and are trying to accomplish:

Bark Yard is a unique gathering place for dogs and dog people. Features include an off-leash dog park which sits on 3+ acres of beautiful green space with mature trees and walking trails as well as a bar patio serving a full menu of food, beer, and wine. Additionally, Bark Yard offers dog daycare and boarding services 7 days a week.

Even though the combination of animal care and food didn't make sense to me at first, I now wonder why we haven't seen more places that provide a place where you can dine without leaving your pet out of the equation.

Am I going to drive my family to Springfield, Missouri to have lunch with a bunch of dogs? Nope. But, I do think they're onto something and would love to see more places like this in our part of the tri-states at some point.

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