I spent the first two years of college at Kentucky Wesleyan College and that means I spent MANY hours inside Jerry's on Frederica Street.  In fact, we pretty much split our time between Jerry's, Shoney's and, yes, The Royce!  Do you all remember Jerry's Restaurant?  Well, guess what?  Louisville still has one!  In fact, there are still several in the state.

My mom and sister were in Louisville just before Christmas and they happened across a Jerry's and decided to pop in for lunch!

Photo by Kaci Quinn

What a total blast from the past!

Jerry's locations were found throughout the Midwest and South.  But in the late 80's (1989 or so) most of the remaining Jerry's locations were converted to Denny's.  But, according to Wikipedia, about a dozen Jerry's locations remain in Kentucky and southern Indiana.  There's one in Louisville, Radcliff, Paris (KY), and Bowling Green.

Check out these pics from my sister's visit!

Kaci Quinn

And, of course, no modern-day Jerry's location is complete without J-Boy!

Kaci Quinn

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