Are you a Burger King fan? Can you remember if you visited one between October 1st, 2015 and May 19th, 2017? Think hard. It could mean a little money coming your way.

It's not exactly how the popular fast food chain likes for you to "have it your way," but it may not have a choice.

It's a little confusing, if you ask me, but, according to a class action suit filed a few weeks ago, it seems Burger King charged a higher price for two Croissan'wiches® when customers used coupons.

If I understand that correctly, that means that certain Burger Kings elevated the price of the product so that the use of the coupon really wouldn't have done much good. Did I cut through the legalese and read that right?

Anyway, if you used a coupon for that particular sandwich during that period of time, maybe you're entitled to a little money, or, at the very least, a Burger King gift card.

Yes, we are talking about a very specific and small number of people, and we are also talking about non-specific locations.

But, hey, a little money back is more than you started with, right? And if you happen to be a big Burger King fan, well, you could be getting more than just a little. I'd say you could be getting back a little bit MORE.

A quick call to 877-468-0436 should clear it up. Or you could visit

Claims have to be submitted by January 19th.

Good luck.


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